Learning & e-Learning

Whether through classroom learning or individual lessons, lifelong learning is a modern mindset. From practical education to taking online courses, educational resources are essential. Video often plays an important role, but it is also quite costly. The turnkey solutions of GetyourStudio make self-produced videos easy and accessible to everyone. We ensure maximum ease of use through a combination of a simple and easy to learn interface and professional quality video production. With one of the GetYourStudio solutions, everyone can produce professional and affordable videos for your educational resources library. Imagine video in training situations, as part of theoretical learning material, as small clips in multiple-choice questions or as part of (practice) exams.

Learning & e-Learning

Training (Professional Practice)

Merely learning the subject matter is not enough for some courses. It is often essential for the trainee to be able to evaluate how they apply the skills they have learned. For example, presentation skills, sales training, or management training in the workplace - These types of courses focus on learning and practical application, based on concrete activities. The trainees have to show which part they can and cannot yet perform - sufficiently - in practice.


Vocational Education

This includes all education that leads directly to practical professional practice. It applies to vocational education from high school through to university and postgraduate courses. Theoretical and practical training prepares students for professions that can vary from damage expert to property inspector to museum worker to general practitioner. These types of professions require a lot of knowledge and often strict adherence to processes and procedures, making it essential that students not only remember what they learned but also follow the correct protocols. Video plays a vital role in showing and explaining things like products, devices, machines, software, and hardware. Owning a video studio for recording and editing is often out of reach for the average educational institution. They can be too expensive and too complicated. With highly accessible and ready-to-use video studios from GetyourStudio, any training institute can produce professional and affordable videos for subject-related education.


Webinar and Seminars

Webinars and seminars are increasingly popular ways to share with and transfer knowledge to an audience. GetyourStudio offers accessible, affordable video studios for recording and broadcasting seminars and webinars, and deploying them in a versatile way to reach large groups of interested people.
Webinars are highly effective and versatile. Webinars are great for virtually any subject, including internal and marketing communication, training and education, or sharing and transferring knowledge. In addition to a webinar software platform, organizing and conducting webinars requires a professional studio where the webinar originates. The easy to use and versatile video studios from GetYourStudio come equipped with everything you webinar needs, from professional multi-camera recording ranging from simple sets to more complicated camera setups. Additionally, the hardware and software solutions from GetyourStudio are competitively priced and affordable.


Communication (branded)

Communication in companies and organizations comes in many shapes, sizes, and needs. GetYourStudio has scalable solutions for a wide variety of communication uses, from holding a Town Hall Meeting to live streaming or whatever your communications team needs. GetyourStudio’s affordable, high-quality, ready-to-use studios are ideal for all communication, HR, marketing, and management departments. Not only does it reduce costs and save a lot of time, but it also provides an efficient means of communication with all stakeholders in and outside of the organization.



A MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) is a free, completely self-contained, online courses. Developed specifically for the internet, MOOCs are aimed at unlimited, and often international participation. In 2011, one of the first MOOCs, titled “Introduction Into AI,” was organized by Stanford University and viewed by 160,000 students. In principle, MOOCs are free and usually support interaction between college students, professors, and teaching assistants. MOOCs can be live, but in most cases, they are on-demand, allowing students to set their own pace.

Most MOOCs are taught by a single person, so video recording is limited to one camera. GetyourStudio has a ready-made, professional studio designed equipped specially for holding MOOCs.


Product Presentation

Most commercial businesses and organizations see their customers far too little, and for international companies, that can be even more of an issue. Often, new products are launched on a large scale at international trade shows or through a newsletter that has relatively little impact. Getting customers to notice new products and services often involves very high and even prohibitive costs.

Video can change all of that. With one of GetYourStudio’s ready-made solutions, any sales or marketing employee can create video content, and deliver product presentations much faster and with far more impact. Professional looking video can set your company apart. In times when international travel and mail can be challenging, delayed, or even shut down, video can be sent around the globe instantly.


Speeches & Interviews

Recorded conversations and interviews on video take many forms and serve a variety of purposes. That can include recording practice sessions for “speaking to the public,” recording conversations of expert sessions, or even training presenters for talk shows. GetyourStudio’s all-in-one turnkey studios are ideal for capturing discussions and interviews on video. This can vary from a simple two-way conversation to more complex multi-camera settings similar to more extensive television programs. GetyourStudio also offers training and guidance to master these techniques.



Activities that promote expertise and testing skills to guarantee the quality and skill level of employees are necessary for certification. Incorporating video in several areas can play an essential role in these activities. Think of distance learning, digitally attending a lecture, or participating in a webinar. Also, video is often used to explain the certification of both products and processes. With one of the ready-made studio solutions from GetyourStudio, both forms of certification are accessible and straightforward.


Tutorials & Instruction Videos

In recent years, video has become perhaps the most important means of communication. The number of video tutorials on platforms like YouTube has skyrocketed over the past several years. Young people, in particular, grew up with video as their go-to for answers, they do not want to read long, complicated manuals for anything. Short, explicit videos are essential to appeal to the right target groups. Making these videos can be a cumbersome and expensive affair. The ready-made studios from GetyourStudio lower the barrier to create video content yourself. Everyone can now quickly and cost-effectively record videos on-site.